To Be, To Bergen: Some Shakespearian advice to the short stop tourist, on how to create a great day in Bergen!

Bergeners easily interpret Hamlet's famous words "To Be, or Not to Be", according to our local experience: "To Be IN BERGEN, or Not to Be". So, if you are not in Bergen, come here! Bergen is indeed a pleasant place TO BE! We provide some free advice for you, if you arrive here as a cruise tourist, or if you arrive by air or train. Browse our suggestions for free and budget tourist attractions to you: Bergen walking tours, Bergen sights, Bergen attractions, activities in Bergen, hiking in Bergen, finding your way in Bergen. In short: Here is how to create a great day on low budget in Bergen—on your own. Good luck while BEING IN BEAUTIFUL BERGEN!

About us

To be – To Bergen is a website promoting great free and budget experiences in our town, accessible by short time tourists and anybody else.

We live in Bergen, and know our town well enough to offer you some good advice!

If you have tips and suggestions, please contact us by email


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